My name is Melissa and I'm a 27 year old Nebraska native. I'm a very determined & adventurous aries. I feel new experiences and time spent loving friends and family are life’s greatest gifts and rewards, so I spend as much time as possible doing both! I’m also an oh-so grateful momma to my hilarious little human Oakley, throughout his 4 years my sweet Oaks has filled my heart and made Motherhood my most valued blessing. It’s true when they say family & love is everything and I’m so thankful for what I have. <3

My family of 3 is all about laughter, dance breaks, target trips, nature hikes, traveling, game nights, disney & marvel movies & lots of rock paper scissors for who's doing what around the house! We moved to Nebraska from California 3 years ago and we are having a blast exploring the midwest together. its quite a change from the fast paced southbay and although we plan to move back to the sunshine state down the road, we are having a great time in the here and now! 

Where it started? I started photography in high school and received some recognition for my photo of a fire hydrant at one of our small town parks —> oh man, writing that literally made me LOL haha, but we all start somewhere and it was a great image as far as fire hydrants go!! Later after high school photography took my interest again when I was gifted a super nice camera, after refreshing my skills I knew this was what I wanted to do and decided to pursue it as a career.  

Lively Photography is my families support, my heart, hard work and a handful of late nights and twitchy eyes. LP images are a fusion of your real posed and unposed moments + my nature obsession. As an artist I’m continuously inspired & my aim is to touch the hearts of those I work with, so that they have photos to cherish and pass on.

Lastly I'm just super grateful to be doing something I love, my passion for photography came from a honest place where an art, inspiration + my destiny all played a part. I'm proud to say this is my honest dream come true and I’m happy you are here reading and checking out my website! If you've read this far AND are “vibing” I can't wait to work with you too, please contact me to start your lively adventure!  


dream on, 

photographer & editor Melissa